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Rescuing a Bear in an Extraordinary Fashion

Bear Rescue is one of the disciplines at RoboticDay in Prague, the Czech Republic. The goal of this discipline is to go through a zig-zag game plan, find a teddy bear and bring it back to the start. Although it sounds simple, every year it is proved opposite. Majority of teams fails. So it is considered to be one of the challenging disciplines of this annual event.

In the last years we, RobotikaBrno, have managed to complete the discipline with our robot Aranka. Aranka is quite sophisticated device leveraging computer vision and smooth trajectory planning to fulfil the task in the fastest possible way. However, as Aranka has already won and, if we are not mistaken, still holds the time record, we do not see a point in improving it.

Therefore, this year we decided to rescue the teddy bear in the most extraordinary way we could thought of. The goal was not to beat the time record, but to present a show. And I think we have rocked!

Meet “Medvědice s Medvídětem” (The Bear Lady with a Baby Bear) - ours robot this years.


The discipline is usually solved in a straightforward way - the robot goes though the zig-zag, then it detects a teddy bear using some kind of sensor and grabs it. See video our competitors or even video of Aranka. That’s not the case of our newest robot. We go brute force.

Our robot goes through the zig-zag in a same way as other robots. However, then it stops and the show beings. It drops a small, fast robot which goes around the game filed’s perimeter and caries a long string of plastic sheet. When the baby returns, it is secured by the big robot, the sheet is retracted - together with the teddy bear trapped inside. See the video below. Nice and elegant, right?

The robot itself is quick and dirty build as all the greates ideas come too late before the competition. It is a combination of Lego Mindstorm, plastic boards and several neat technical ideas:

We presen our robot as perfect. Is it? No - we did not managed to paint it and give it a nice surface finish before the competition…

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